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An arm injury can incapacitate you for the entire life. But you shouldn’t worry if you were injured at work due to the fault of someone else. Whether you have an injured or broken arm at work, you can claim compensation for it. We are here to help you get an injured or broken arm settlement for a workplace accident in England and Scotland.


      About Broken Arm Compensation

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      An arm injury can be as minor as a minor cut healing within days. But in severe cases, it can also lead to the amputation of your arm (read more about arm amputation settlement). No matter what type of arm injury you have sustained, you can claim compensation for it. Mostly, workers claim broken arm at work compensation in the UK.

      We help you get more than the average settlement for a broken arm at work, thanks to our years of experience, expert claim specialists, training and unconventional tactics. We know how to claim your compensation and maximise it along with minimising the time it takes to settle your case. This is what makes us the best when it comes to claiming more than the average settlement for a broken arm in the UK.

      Whether you have injured or broken your arm at work, feel free to discuss your case with us. We will not only answer all your questions but also claim compensation on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We are offering FREE initial consultation so get in touch with us to discuss your case with our experts without even paying a penny.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Arm Injury Claim Payouts

        With a broken arm at work in the UK, you may have a lot of questions about claiming your compensation. No worries. We have gathered a list of the most commonly asked ones to answer them for you. Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions about.

        What Is A Broken Arm Claim?

        A broken arm claim is a compensation that is given to the victims of a workplace accident who have broken their arm in the accident. The settlement amount is based on the severity of the injury and how it has affected the life of a victim. You may have to go through a lot of miseries and pay out of pocket expenses because of your arm injury. Luckily, you can recoup all these expenses in your arm injury claim payouts.

        Can I Claim Broken Arm Compensation At Work?

        There are a few things that need to be fulfilled when it comes to the eligibility for claiming compensation for an arm injury at work. You have to prove that your arm was injured or broken due to the fault of someone else.

        However, it’s better to consult our experts to know if you really are eligible to claim a broken injury claim or not. It’s because, sometimes, you can claim compensation even when you are partially at fault for the accident.

        Arm Injury Claim Time Limit

        Whether you have an injured or broken arm at work, you don’t have unlimited time to claim your settlement amount. There is a time limit for it. Typically, all types of accident at work claims have a time limit of three years from the time of the accident. It means that you can claim your settlement amount within three years after getting injured at work.

        However, there are some exceptions to this rule. So always consult your case with our experts to know whether your time limit is over or not before making any assumption on your own.

        What Are The Causes of An Arm Injury At Work?

        There are a lot of accidents in the workplace that can result in a broken or injured arm at work. Let’s have a look at some of the possible ways workers can get their arm injured or broken at work.

        There can be a lot of other causes as well. The cause of your injury doesn’t matter. What matters is whether you are at fault for the accident or not.

        Common Types of Arm Injuries At Work

        Arm injuries range in severities and types. Some are minor while others may change your life forever. Plus, how much compensation do you get for an arm injury also depends on the type of your injury. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of arm injuries in the workplace.

        No matter what type of injury you are suffering from, you can claim your arm injury compensation amount if the negligence was not yours.

        What To Do After A Broken Arm At Work?

        Whether you have an arm injury or a broken bone, there are a few steps that you should keep in mind. After the accident, get your medical treatment, report the accident and take pictures of the place of the accident. To claim compensation, here are a few steps you should take.

        To get rid of all these hassling activities, contact us after the accident. Our professionals will take care of everything on their own and you won’t have to go through any formality of claiming your compensation.

        How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Broken Arm At Work UK?

        How much compensation would you get for a broken arm at work depends on a lot of factors such as the severity of the fracture, your negotiation skills and the effects of injury on your life. Nevertheless, here is how much compensation for broken arm at work you can expect in the UK.

        Type of Arm Fracture Average Compensation For Broken Arm At Work
        Amputation of both arms £183,000 to £228,000
        Amputation of one arm Around £104,250
        Serious fractures to the forearm with significant disability £29,800 to £45,500
        Serious fractures to the forearm with expected recovery £14,600 to £29,800
        Simple forearm fracture £5,000 and £14,600

        Instead of using a broken arm compensation calculator, contact our experts to know the average settlement for broken arm in the UK you can expect.

        Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Claims UK

        Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, aka HAVS, is mostly caused by exposure to the vibrating hand tools. If you work with such tools over a long period of time, you are likely to develop the HAVS. As the HAVS is caused by your workplace you can claim compensation for your Hand Vibration Syndrome. Let’s have a look at how much compensation you can get for making a Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Claim against your employer in the UK.

        Type of HAVS Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Payout
        Most serious injuries impacting upon an individual’s ability to work £26,990 and £32,780
        Serious injury with bouts of discomfort impacting working and private life £14,310 up to £26,990
        Moderate HAVS £7,380 and £14,310
        Minor HAVS with a minimal impact on everyday life £2,560 up to £7,380

        To know more about how much is an arm worth when you have the HAVS, get in touch with us to discuss your case with us.

        No Win No Fee Broken Arm Claims

        Lawswood Claims can help you get compensation for a broken arm at work in the UK without charging anything in advance and during the case. We have a special offer called No Win No Fee broken arm claim where we enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement with you. As per this agreement, we claim settlement amount on your behalf and handle all the formalities on your behalf without charging you anything. After you get compensation money in your account, you will pay us a predetermined share out of your compensation.

        How To Claim Compensation For A Broken Arm At Work?

        If you want to claim your compensation, schedule an appointment with our experts to discuss your case in detail. We will analyse your case in detail and let you know the average settlement for a broken arm at work you can expect.Plus, we will start claiming your settlement amount after an agreement with you. To schedule a FREE appointment with us, you can use Whatsapp, email, fill the form, talk to our 24/7 live chatting team or call us directly.

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