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Ankle injuries are a matter of routine. But if your workplace activity has injured or broken your ankle in the UK, you may be entitled to get ankle injury compensation from your employer. Lawswood Claims is here to help you get the maximum ankle injury at work compensation from your employer. So get in touch with us to claim your money in England and Scotland.


      About Workers’ Comp Ankle Injury Settlement

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      Ankle injuries can range from minor sprains to strain to a twisted and broken ankle. If you believe that the accident was caused because of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for ankle injury compensation claims. To claim your compensation, get connected to us and discuss your case no matter what part of the UK you live in.

      We have hired the most experienced injury claim specialists to handle your case. Not only this but we have also trained our claim specialists in all types of work-related ankle injury claims in the UK. That is why we have been successfully getting ankle injury claims in the UK for years. Getting your compensation isn’t our only goal. But we help you get the maximum settlement amount for your injury while minimising the time it takes to get the claim.

      We are offering FREE consultation services as well. What it means is that whether you have injured, twisted or broken your ankle at work, you can discuss your case with us for FREE. We don’t charge even a penny for it. Get connected to us to know about your eligibility for the claim and get your compensation money in the UK.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Ankle Injury Settlement Amounts

        From the average compensation for an ankle injury to your eligibility for the claim and a lot of other questions may be boggling your mind. You’re not alone. Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about ankle injury claims.

        What Are Ankle Injury Claims?

        Ankle injuries can cost you a lot not only financially but you also go through agonising pain and sufferings. But why should you suffer from all this when the fault is not yours? That is where ankle injury compensation claims come to your help. You can claim a settlement for your ankle injury in the UK. It is the compensation money that is given for the pains and sufferings you went through as well as for the money you spent because of your injury.

        Can I Claim Ankle Injury Compensation?

        Like other types of accident at work claims, the same rules apply here. In simple words, you can claim compensation for an ankle injury if you have sustained this injury as a result of someone else’s negligence in the last three years.

        For example, your employer didn’t provide you with safety equipment at work and you have injured your ankle in an accident due to the lack of safety. In this case, you can claim compensation for your injury whether it’s mild or severe.

        Types of Ankle Injuries At Work

        Ankle injuries range in severity and types. Some may be severe while others may heal within days. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of ankle injuries at work.

        To know what type of ankle injury makes you eligible for the claim, get in touch with us.

        Causes of Ankle Injuries At Work

        There are countless ways you can injure your ankle at work. But let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of workplace ankle injuries.

        Other than the above-mentioned injuries, there can be a lot of potential threats that can injure your ankle. No matter what causes your ankle injury, if it was not your fault, you may be eligible to claim ankle injury settlement amounts in the UK.

        What Does Workers’ Compensation For An Ankle Injury Cover?

        An ankle compensation payout compensates you for everything you have to bear after the accident. You can reimburse every penny you spent. Let’s have a look at what type of expenses you can claim in your compensation for an ankle injury.

        If you had to bear some other types of expenses because of your injury, you can also reimburse them.

        What To Do After An Ankle Injury At Work?

        You can claim the maximum compensation money if you know the right steps to take after a workplace ankle injury. Let’s have a look at what you should do after injuring, twisting or breaking your ankle at work in the UK.

        To get your ankle injury compensation, the best way is to contact us immediately after the accident. We will cater to everything and help you get maximum compensation money.

        Can I Claim Ankle Sprain Compensation?

        The stretching or tearing of ankle ligaments is known as an ankle sprain. It happens when the ligament is forced out of its normal position. A sprained ankle can be extremely painful. If you were not at fault for the accident and your employer’s negligence has injured your ankle, you can claim sprained ankle compensation.

        Average Settlement For Sprained Ankle

        The amount of sprained ankle injury compensation depends on a lot of factors. A minor ankle sprain that lasts less than a year may get you up to £4,800 sprained ankle compensation settlement.

        But if your ankle sprain is severe and causes permanent ongoing significant pain and disability, it may attract a sprain injury settlement amount of £12,000 – £44,000. But get in touch with us to get more accurate estimates of your sprained ankle compensation amount you can get.

        Can I Get Ankle Fusion Compensation?

        As mentioned earlier, some ankle injuries can be serious and life-altering. Some injuries are so severe that a victim may need an ankle fusion. It is a type of surgery that is used to fuse your ankle bones into one piece.

        You may be wondering about how much compensation I will get for an ankle fusion. A typical ankle fusion compensation payout in the UK may attract up to £45,000.

        Broken Ankle Compensation At Work UK

        “I broke my ankle at work, can I claim?”. A lot of the victims have the same question.

        A severe workplace accident may result in a fractured or broken ankle at work. If the negligence isn’t yours, you shouldn’t suffer from it. Hence, you can claim a workers’ compensation settlement for a broken ankle. Average compensation for broken an ankle can help you recoup all the expenses you had to bear after the injury.

        How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Broken Ankle?

        A broken ankle at work claim depends on how it has affected your life after the accident. It also depends on how much you have spent because of the injury. Let’s have a look at how much broken ankle claim amount you can get.

        Type of Broken Ankle Broken Ankle Compensation Payout UK
        A very severely broken ankle £39,910 – £55,560
        Severely broken ankle £24,950 – £39,910
        Moderate broken ankle injury £10,960 – £21,200
        Modest broken ankle injury Up to £10,960

        Keep in mind that the broken ankle settlement amount for no two cases is the same. So your broken ankle claim may differ from what we have mentioned above. For more details, contact us to know the average fractured ankle compensation you can get for your injury.

        How Much Compensation For Ankle Injury At Work?

        We get countless queries like “how much can I claim for an ankle injury”. Let’s have a look at the ankle injury settlement amounts in the UK.

        Type Of Ankle Injury Ankle Injury Settlement
        Very severe ankle injury causing extensive soft tissue damage £46,980 to £65,420
        Serious ankle injury requiring pins, plaster, plates and the like £29,380 to £46,980
        Moderate ankle injury like ligament tears £12,900 to £24,950
        Minor ankle injury like Non-displaced fractures, sprains, ligament injuries Up to £12,900
        Most serious Achilles tendon injury; causing cramps, swelling and limited movement Around £36,060
        Serious Achilles tendon injury: tendon division and causing weakness £23,460 to £28,240
        Moderate Achilles tendon injury: tendon rupture causing injury £11,820 to £19,700
        Minor Achilles tendon injury: tendon damage caused by the turning of the ankle £6,820 to £11,820

        You can also use an ankle injury compensation calculator to estimate your claim value. But it’s better to contact us. We will analyse your case from every angle and let you know your ankle injury claim value.

        No Win No Fee Ankle Injury Claims

        You may find it hard to get a suitable claims specialist for you due to the very limited budget. But don’t fret. Lawswood Claims helps you get compensation for your ankle injury at work on a No Win No Fee agreement. Under the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), we don’t charge you anything for our services until you get your compensation money.

        How To Get Ankle Injury Compensation?

        To get your workers’ comp ankle injury settlement, get in touch with us. Book an appointment with us via email, Whatsapp, talk to our live chatting team, call us directly or fill the form. Then discuss your case with us in detail. After that, we will begin your case and cater to everything on our own. So Book your FREE appointment with us to start your settlement process.

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