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The thought of having a body part amputated may leave you in sweat. But this unfortunate incident can happen to any worker in the workplace. If you are one of them, you may be entitled to get amputation compensation in the UK. Lawswood Claims helps you get the maximum compensation for amputation claims in England and Scotland.


      About Workers’ Amputation Claims UK

      amputation injury at work

      Amputation of any body part may leave you unable to work for the entire life. Both your personal and professional lives may be affected badly. Not only this but you may also have to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your treatment. Luckily, you can claim compensation for amputation caused by workplace accidents.

      If you have got your limbs amputated, get in touch with us. We have expert injury claim specialists who will examine your case from every angle and let you know how much compensation you can get for your amputation. Not only this, we will cater to all the formalities and won’t let you go through inconvenience when it comes to making amputation compensation claims. With our experience, we know how to minimise the time and maximise compensation for amputation claims.

      As amputation can be of any body part, you may have a lot of questions concerning your special case. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are available 24/7 and offering FREE initial consultation to answers your queries. So, schedule a FREE appointment with us now to discuss your case and know more in-depth about making an amputation claim.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Amputation Claims

        Amputees in the workplace have lots of queries in their mind about claiming compensation for their amputation. Some don’t know whether they are eligible for it or not while others are concerned about how much compensation do you get for leg amputation or other body parts. Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about limb amputation claims in the UK.

        What Are Amputation Claims?

        Amputation claims, also called loss of limb compensation, is the compensation money that is given to the amputees. For instance, you have your hand amputated because of a workplace accident due to your employer’s negligence. You file for the loss of limb claims and get compensation for the pains and sufferings as well as for all the expenses you had to bear because of your amputation. This compensation is called the amputation claim.

        Can I Claim For Loss of Limb Compensation?

        As limb compensation for a workplace accident comes under accident at work claims, the same rules of eligibility apply here. You have to prove that you were not at fault for the accident to get your claim.

        For instance, you had a finger amputation at work and now you want to claim fingertip amputation compensation from your employer. In this case, you will prove that the employer didn’t fulfil their responsibilities that caused an accident and you had a finger amputation. In this way, you can get your full or partial finger amputation compensation.

        Common Types of Amputation Claims At Work?

        Amputation at work claims has different types. Not all of them get you the same compensation money. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of amputation compensation claims.

        What Type Of Benefits I Can Get For Amputation At Work?

        Amputation settlements can cover a lot of different types of expenses given that losing a limb can have devastating effects on a victim’s life. Here are some benefits you can claim when you are claiming a loss of limb settlement.

        What To Do After An Accident Causing Amputation?

        If you have been involved in a workplace accident causing amputation, there are certain steps you should take to get loss of limb compensation. Here is what you should do after an accident that led to losing your limb.

        The best thing you should do is to hire injury claim specialists. We are here to help you get an amputation claim along with handling all the formalities on your behalf.

        How Much Compensation For Loss of Limb At Work?

        How much compensation you get for amputation depends not only on which limb you have lost but also varies with the severity of amputation. Let’s have a look at the amputation settlement amounts for losing upper and lower limbs.

        How Much Compensation For Losing Upper Limbs At Work?

        Type of Amputation The Severity of Upper Limb Amputation Upper Limb Amputation Amounts
        Arm Amputation Loss of both arms £191,950 to £239,140
        Arm amputation Loss of one arm at the shoulder Over £109,330
        Arm amputation Loss of one arm above the elbow £87,410 to £104,370
        Arm amputation Loss of one arm below the elbow £76,650 to £87,410
        Finger amputation Very severe finger amputation compensation with amputation of several fingers £49,350 to £72,330
        Finger amputation Finger amputation settlements for losing the terminal phalanges of the index finger Around £19,920
        Finger amputation Workers’ compensation for finger amputation of a ring or little finger injury Around £17,380
        Finger amputation Compensation for the total loss of index finger Around £14,930
        Finger amputation Compensation for the total loss of middle finger Up to £12,460
        Finger amputation Partial finger amputation settlement for partial loss of index finger £9,700 to £14,930
        Finger amputation Amputation of a little finger £6,890 to £9,760
        Finger amputation Loss of the terminal phalanx of the ring or middle finger £3,150 to £6,260
        Finger amputation Fingertip amputation settlement for the loss of part of the little finger £3,150 to £4,670
        Thumb amputation Amputation of any thumb £28,310 to £43,710
        Hand amputation Loss of both hands £112,100 to £160,600
        Hand amputation Loss of one hand £76,650 to £87,410

        How Much Compensation For Losing Lower Limbs At Work?

        Type of Amputation Severity of Lower Limb Amputation Lower Limb Amputation Amounts
        Leg amputation Leg amputation compensation for losing both legs below the knee £160,600 to £215,310
        Leg amputation Leg amputation claim for losing one leg below the knee £83,550 to £109,570
        Leg amputation Leg amputation settlement amount for losing one leg above the knee £78,100 to £106,010
        Foot amputation Compensation for losing both feet at work £135,030 to £160,600
        Foot amputation Compensation for losing one foot at work £66,930 to £87,410
        Toe amputation Toe amputation settlement for the loss of all toes £29,110 to £44,710
        Toe amputation Toe amputation settlement amount for the loss of several toes Around £24,950

        Keep in mind that your compensation for amputation of limbs may differ from the figures mentioned above. It can be due to a lot of factors affecting the case of an amputation claim at work. So it’s better to discuss your case with our experts to get a better understanding of how much compensation you can get for the amputation of limbs at work.

        No Win No Fee Amputation Claims At Work

        If you have lost your limb at work, we can help you get amputation compensation claims on a No Win No Fee basis. According to the agreement, you will neither have to pay our legal fee in advance nor during the case. You will only pay us after getting your amputation settlement amount in your account. In this way, we bear the full risk of your case when claiming compensation on your behalf.

        How To Claim Compensation For Amputation At Work?

        To get your amputation compensation claim, hire us. We will cater to everything on your behalf. So, schedule your FREE appointment with us by Whatsapp, email, calling us directly, talking to our chatting team or by filling the form. Our experts will evaluate your case from every angle and let you know how much compensation you can claim for losing your limb. Then we will prepare and file your case to get maximum compensation for you within the least possible time.

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