Got injured in the last three years and was not even your fault? It’s your right to get an accident at work claim. No matter what type of case it is. Lawswood Claims is here to handle all the formalities. Get your claim money without being charged any upfront or advance money.

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About Work Accident Injury Claims


Workplace accidents can be dangerous which can result in severe injuries. People who go through injuries and accidents at the workplace are eligible for an accident at work claim as a workplace accident is an emergency condition.

Most people do not have enough knowledge regarding workplace accidents. It’s your right to get your accident at work claim in case of an accident at the workplace. However, if you can’t get the rightful amount of your injury claims, you can contact us. We will handle accident and injury claims case on your behalf. Lawswood claims have professional injury claim specialists who handle such cases with their experience and efficient management.

We have years of experience and expertise in providing personal injury claim services. You can get accident at work claim services at Lawswood Claims. This is the place where we help you get the amount of compensation for your injury at the workplace. So, get in touch with us and get the amount of money you deserve to have.


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This Is What Makes Us Best


Taking the case in your own hands without prior knowledge can cost you negatively and you may fail to get your amount of claim. Here is why Lawswood Claims is the best claims management company. When the matter is about getting workplace accident injury claims.

A Team of Professionals

Lawswood Claims is a claims management company in the UK that provides its Personal injury services in Scotland and England. We are a team of professional injury claim specialists. By the time our client hires us, our specialists take the whole case in their hands and handle it according to their expertise. We handle all the formalities of accident and injury claims cases in England and Scotland. Our injury claim specialists are experts in their fields. They know the in-depth process of filing accident and injury claims.

No Win No Fee

When hiring any specialist, the first thing in a client’s consideration is always the price tag of that company. A lot of people do no take help from injury claim specialists because they cannot afford to pay upfront charges in advance. But Lawswood Claims always considers the ease of its clients. We provide accident and injury claim services on No Win No Fee principle. In this way, you can get our services without paying even a penny in advance. You will only have to pay our nominal fee when you get your amount of compensation in your hands.

We Fight for Maximum

When you file your accident at work claim, sometimes the insurance claim adjuster makes an initial offer after investigating the case. The offer is usually insufficient and not enough to cover all your expenses. A layman does not negotiate and accepts whatever is offered. Lawswood Claims is here to fight for your rights and get the maximum amount of claim money for your injury. Our experts strive to get the maximum amount of compensation possible by using their excellent negotiation skills.

Understanding of Injury Claims Laws

The laws of personal injury claims of Scotland and England are not the same. People of both regions follow different strategies to get their accident and injury claims. A person cannot get accident and injury claims only because of being an expert in Scotland. But luckily for you, Lawswood Claims has been providing injury claim services in both regions for years.

Experience in Accident at Work Claim

Accident at work claim is in one of the first services of Lawswood Claims. Whether you get injured by heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, or slips, trips and falls. We deal with all types of accident and injury claims. Ever since the start of our service, it has been our primary focus. During this time, we have successfully encountered a lot of cases of injury at work claims. Our years of experience has made us adept in work accident injury claims.


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Let us Protect you


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Frequently Asked Questions

Accident at Work Claim Time Limit

The general rule for the time limit of an accident at work claim is three years from the date of injury. You can file your claim within the three years of your injury at work.

Can I Claim If Accident Was My Own Fault?

Under normal circumstances, you are not eligible to file your accident at work claim if it was your own fault. But in some cases, you can. So it’s better to consult a specialist.

Can I Claim for an Accident at Work After Three Years?

The general rule for the time limit of work accident injury claims is three years. But yes, there are some exceptions in which you can file your claim even after three years of your injury.

How Long Does an Accident at Work Claim Take?

An average time period in which an accident at work claim takes to settle is four to nine months. But some cases can take even longer depending on the nature of the case.

Can I Go To My Own Doctor After an Injury at Work?

If you choose your own doctor, the insurance company may still recommend you to their own doctors. So it is better to see a doctor which your employer wants you to see.

Can My Employer Sack Me For Making a Claim?

You do not need to be insecure about losing your job if you make an injury at work claim. By law, your employer cannot force you to leave the job for making a claim.


Accident at Work Claim

How Much Compensation Can I Get for My Claim?

The amount of compensation you can get for filing your injury at work claim totally depends on the severity of your injury. It also depends on other expenses incurred due to this injury. These other expenses can include transportation expenses and other financial losses etc. When you file your claim, you will have to see a doctor get proper medical treatment for your injury. Then the insurance claims adjuster will investigate your case and accumulate all the expenses caused by your injury. After this investigation, you will be able to estimate the amount of compensation you will get for your accident at work claim.

Why Should You Hire Injury Claim Specialists?

Injury claim specialists are experts in claims management who claim the money on account of their clients. Based on their experience in injury claims management, they improve the possibility of getting your claim money. Lawswood Claims has been providing its injury claim services in Scotland and England. We have been in this business for years. That is why we know the whole picture of personal injury claims. When it comes to getting work accident injury claims, Lawswood should be your primary choice. It is because we understand the method of investigation of an insurance claims adjuster. Hence, we know how to properly deal with an insurance claims adjuster.

What are the Charges for Hiring Lawswood Claims?

Price tag plays a key role when a client is choosing injury claim specialists. Sometimes, the prices of claims management companies are sky-high. Making it unaffordable for the client. Lawswood Claims works in a way that creates an easy path for the injured people. We do not put any burden on the pocket of our clients. That is the reason we provide our injury claim services on a No Win No Fee principle. That is why you will only have to pay our fee when the amount of claim is put in your hands. Before that, we do not charge any upfront or hidden charges from our clients.


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