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If you have been involved in an accident and you are looking for assistance then you are in the right place. We offer assistance in claiming Personal Injury compensation. We help you get compensation for

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This Is What Makes Us Best


It becomes difficult for a person to get a personal injury claim. If one does not hire an expert to handle the case. This is why Lawswood Claims is the best claims management company in England and Scotland. Because when it comes to filing for personal injury claims no one assists you better than us.

A Group of Professionals

Lawswood Claims has a whole group of professionals who are working under one roof. We have a firm determination to provide our clients with their amount of personal injury compensation. The day, our clients hire our services, we take care of all the procedures of injury claims. Our professionals take care of each and every formality of filing your injury claim and consider your case as their own. We have experts of every type of personal injury claims and they have years of experience in injury claims.

Pay Only When You Win

There are a lot of claims management companies in England and Scotland which charge you their fee despite that they cannot get your claim money. We believe that it is unfair to pay the fee of an expert when you cannot get your amount of claim. That is why we never charge our clients if, in a rare case, our client does not get the amount of compensation. Besides that, we do not charge even a penny in the form of any advance cash nor any hidden charges from our clients. We will only charge you when you get your amount of personal injury compensation in your hand.

We Get You The Optimum Compensation

We know that you cannot compensate for the pains and sufferings a person goes through after the accident. But it is the right of every person to receive the amount of compensation for all the expenditures of the injury. Lawswood Claims fights to get the maximum benefit for its clients. We do not settle our case on the average amount of compensation offered by the claims adjuster. We fight on behalf of our clients to compensate them with the maximum amount of claim money possible to get. Our experts have excellent negotiation skills which we use to get the maximum amount of compensation for our clients.

A Deep Understanding of Personal Injury Laws

To get personal injury claims, a person should have proper knowledge about personal injury laws. The laws of getting injury claims in England and Scotland are different from each other. One should know the ins and outs of both laws to be an expert in injury claims. Our experts have been providing injury claim services in both regions. That is why we know all the insights of the personal injury laws of both the regions due to this diverse experience.

Experience in Personal Injury Claims

We have a diverse experience in personal injury claims. Lawswood Claims has been providing its services in Scotland and England for years. During this experience, we have encountered countless cases of personal injury claims with all types of difficulties. Our years of experience have made us adept in dealing with all types of personal injury claims.


Let us Protect you

Let us Protect you


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What If I Was Partly at Fault for the Accident?

    There have been cases where our experts have figured out a way to get compensation even if our clients were partly at fault. So always discuss your case before making any assumption.

    How Long Will It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

    The average time for getting personal injury claims is four to nine months. But our experts minimize this time for our clients using their expertise in injury claims management.

    Time Limit to File Personal Injury Claims?

    The average time limit to file any personal injury claim is usually three years. You can file your claim within three years after getting injured or wounded.

    Do I Need an Injury Claims Specialist?

    Although you can file your case without any injury claims specialist. But it can be risky and you may not be able to receive the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

    Do I Need to Go to a Doctor for Personal Injury?

    Taking medical assistance is important for two main reasons for getting personal injury claims. First, it provides medical proof of the injury. Secondly, It relieves the suffering of the injury.

    What Makes You Eligible For Personal Injury Claim?

    Any type of injury which you have received due to the negligence of any other person makes you eligible to get an injury claim/compensation amount.

    Lawswood Claim

    What Types of Personal Injury Claims We Deal In?

    Any type of injury that you have conceived due to the mistake of another person makes you eligible for personal injury claims. Lawswood Claims deals in a variety of injury claims. Whether it is a road accident claim, whiplash injury compensation or a case of an accident at work claim. We cater to all the formalities on behalf of our clients. Moreover, we also deal with medical negligence, trips, slips and falls and hearing loss claims. No matter what type of personal injury you are suffering, if you were innocent, you deserve to get compensation. We are here to assist you at each step of getting your claim and cater to all the formalities of filing a claim.

    How Much Will Hiring Lawswood Claims Cost You?

    Hiring any personal injury lawyer can be expensive. You may have to give a lot of your claim money to your solicitor out of whatever you get as compensation. In the end, you may not be able to cover all your expenditures. Moreover, there are still some companies which charge their fee even if you lose your case. But that is not the case when you hire Lawswood Claims. We do not charge any hidden charges or advance cash from our clients. Our services are free of cost unless our client wins the case and gets the amount of compensation. After our client gets the amount of claim money, we charge 25% out whatever one has received.


    Why Should You Hire Injury Claim Specialists?

    Some people take their injury claim cases in their own hands without hiring any injury claims specialist. It can be risky and you may make nothing out of your injury claim. That is where our injury claim specialists come into play. We have in-depth knowledge about getting personal injury compensation. Our experts know the ins and outs of personal injury laws of Scotland and England. Moreover, we deal with the insurance claims adjuster and negotiate on your behalf to get the best amount possible.

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